El Jardin Milk Punch

Recipe & Commentary by Chef Tyler Lyne | Photography by Mason Erwin


“The recipe I was most impressed with was the El Jardin. It was the most delicious and the most surprising,” says Tyler. “We had a bunch of vegetables in the fridge that came in from the rooftop garden here at 1856. So I juiced green peppers, celery, and green apples, then added sugar, vodka, and some citrus juices and milk-washed that. First, it milk-washed the best and had that beautiful color, but also everyone in the test kitchen couldn’t believe the flavor. Served with mezcal, it was absolutely incredible.”


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Serves 10 cocktails

  • 5 green bell peppers
  • 3 green apples
  • 4 stalks celery
  • 250 grams pineapple juice
  • 250 grams lime juice
  • 500 grams Creyente Mezcal Joven
  • 500 grams milk (for clarifying)

1. Process the peppers, apples, and celery in a juicer.

2. Mix all ingredients but the milk in a container and let infuse for 2 hours.

3. In a second container, pour the milk.

4. Pour cocktail mixture over the milk to start the curdling process. Allow it to sit a couple of minutes.

5. Pour the mixture over a coffee filter and wait one minute. The first drops will be cloudy. That’s normal.

6. Pour the cloudy liquid again through the curds remaining in the filter. Be patient and let gravity take effect.

7. Each cocktail clarifies at a different rate; continue rounds of filtering until desired levels of color and clarity are reached.

Tyler Lyne doubles as the Executive Chef of Tasting TBL, a chef’s tasting experience hosted in his Birmingham, Alabama, home and the inaugural Chef in Residence at 1856 – Culinary Residence, the country’s first tasting-menu-only teaching restaurant at Auburn University’s new state-of-the-art Tony & Libba Rane Culinary Science Center. A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Tyler has traveled the world honing his craft at highly regarded restaurants in The Netherlands, Japan, and New York City. Tyler is a major fan of milk-washing and jumped into the test kitchen to experiment and share some recipes with us.

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