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  • Drink Mead

    Long before European monks made beer or American cowboys kicked back whiskey, ancient cultures harvested honey, mixed it with water, and let it sit for natural fermentation to create mead, one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages.

  • A Trio of Southeastern Craft Distilleries

    Prohibition came to parts of the South earlier than it did nationally. It lasted longer there, too. That makes for some interesting stories surrounding these relative newcomers to the whiskey-making world.

  • Mixing with Coke

    A whiskey and coke really isn’t half bad.

  • Defining Craft

    As these companies grow, they’ll add fermenters and distillation equipment, and will be synonymous with bourbon perfection. By then, the word “craft” will be a little more defined.

  • American Blends to Try

    Long before the bourbon craze, distillers gave private tours and used the words mingled or married to describe the process of blending barrels together. As was often the case, somebody in the audience asked why they used these strange words when the term blended fit so perfectly to describe the action of, you know, blending barrels. “Blending is a dirty word,” the distiller would say without much explanation.

  • Whiskey Destinations

    From New York to California, Minnesota to Mississippi, learn the drinking culture of disparate American regions, such as Bainbridge, Washington’s interesting bootlegging past, or the lost apple brandy heritage of New York. On your next excursion, take the time to visit one of these great distilleries and experience true American travel.