Our Team

Bourbon+ is created by individuals immersed in the bourbon world and experts of their respective fields; all dedicated to delivering captivating, intriguing, and authentic content.

John Thames

Founder & Publisher

From Covey Rise magazine’s award-winning launch in 2012 to its emergence onto the national and global stages, John Thames, publisher and founder of Bourbon+ has steadied the helm of brand expansion while guiding a growing editorial staff, all who share with him an appetite for timeless words and images. Thames brings his expertise in high-quality print and his passion for people and storytelling to the forefront with the arrival of Bourbon+.

Carla Carlton


Kentucky native Carla Carlton has bourbon flowing through her veins. Her maternal grandmother worked on a bottling line in the 1930s, and her paternal grandfather made whiskey barrel staves to supplement his farming income. She just loves to drink the stuff–neat and at least 100 proof. She shares her knowledge of the spirit and the industry on her website, The Bourbon Babe; in appearances at events like the New Orleans Bourbon Festival and at private tastings; and in her book Barrel Strength Bourbon: The Explosive Growth of America’s Whiskey. She brings a lifetime of bourbon passion and nearly three decades of award-winning writing and editing experience to Bourbon+. And as a charter member of Bourbon Women, an international organization, she’s particularly attuned to making women feel welcome at the bar.