Bourbon Up with Fred Minnick // Season 2 Official Trailer

BourbonUp with Fred Minnick is a digital short form interview series with bourbon personalities, master distillers, executive chefs, musicians, and artists. BourbonUp is the only bourbon talk show hitting the mainstream and airs in the United States and United Kingdom. Host, Bourbon+ Editor-in-Chief, and bestselling author Fred Minnick interviews interesting guests, asking thought-provoking questions and sipping whiskey, as they try to solve the world’s problems and talk about life and bourbon. Season 1 was a finalist for the Spirited Awards’ Best Show. BourbonUp received mentions in the Spirits Business, Forbes, Music Mayhem Magazine, on Yahoo, and more. The series draws those interested in bourbon and the fringe fan. 


In Season 2 of BourbonUp, Bourbon+ Editor Fred Minnick walks down a path that starts with whiskey, but takes a turn nobody saw coming: episodes with renowned celebrities, winemakers, and successful business leaders as guests. BourbonUp with Fred Minnick Season 2 returns with depth, passion, and tackles complex societal issues. 


From the history of slavery and the enchantment of Portugal’s cork forests to tough times in country music and Port’s austere production methods, Season 2 of BourbonUp explores a world outside of bourbon.


But like a lingering finish, bourbon’s still there, with Fred Minnick explaining to his guests the beauty of whiskey’s long legs and gorgeous aromatic properties. He coaches some of his guests, too, on how to taste and what makes each sip so special. Bourbon is a part of Season 2’s conversation, but each episode is more about those sitting across from the interviewer. 


Season 2 includes a great lineup. Some big names include: James Bond and Westworld Actor Jeffrey Wright, country music sensations LoCash, Taylor Port’s David Guimaraens, cork mogul Antonio Amorim, and many more. These characters’ stories will now come to life through film.


Whether it’s the story of Nearest Green or the creation of cork closures, Season 2 embodies the spirit of complementing bourbon. But as with Season 1, the show is about the people. The people who have invested their lives  in spirits, and who make this world tick.

Michael Eman
Official Contributor
Kevin Gibson is a free-lance writer who writes for numerous publications, including Bourbon+ magazine, Thrillist, and Alcohol Professor.