Fall 2020 Issue Preview

As the temperatures cool and the leaves start to change, prime bourbon-drinking season is upon us.

Bourbon is more than just a drink. At Bourbon+, our mission is to tell stories from the heart of bourbon—the farmers who grow the grain, the distillers who labor over the process, the mixologists who concoct liquid perfection, and the people who raise their glasses to celebrate it all.

In this issue, Managing Editor Carla Carlton tells you everything you wanted to know about bitters. The botanical blend was first used to treat all manner of maladies, but now is considered a cure-all for your cocktail.

Kevin Gibson visits historian Andrea Meriwether, whose research on the enslaved people who helped to build Kentucky farm distilleries is creating a new future for the industry’s overlooked past.

Steve Coomes explores the growing connection between bourbon brands and charities. “Bourbon benevolence” is raising big bucks for important causes.

And in our science feature, Susan Reigler explains why the buildings and trees near many distilleries are covered with what looks like soot.

Also in this issue, tailgating in the time of COVID, the Seelbach Cocktail, and much, much more. We can’t wait for you to dive in. Cheers!

Cover by Stephen Devries.

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Michael Eman
Official Contributor
Kevin Gibson is a free-lance writer who writes for numerous publications, including Bourbon+ magazine, Thrillist, and Alcohol Professor.