Christmas Punch

Recipe by Peggy Noe Stevens 

Originally Published in the Premiere issue.


Excerpt from the issue: “My father was Christmas, more than eggnog and mistletoe. A coming together of true Kentucky hospitality and bourbon tied the knot on the relationship. No party ever taught me, a certified etiquette and event consultant, more about entertaining than watching my father up close. He simply had an enchanting way of comforting people. The atmosphere captured our hearts and forever symbolized the holidays.

“Today, entertaining is my treasured inheritance. The bourbon flows generously, and family pours in, anxiously awaiting the annual holiday punch. The buffet is a mix of cultures, with favorites like cavatelli formaggio (my Italian side) and corn and Woodford pudding (my Kentucky side) all at one table. We still trip over the crock pot extension cords, and the children, but now I’m the “holiday poohbah.” And no matter what food or bourbon is served, we welcome everyone, just like dad.”


  • 1 bottle of champagne

  • 12 750 ml bottle of bourbon

  • 2 cups cranberry juice

  • 2 cups apple juice



  1. Chill all liquids before serving.

  2. Mix all ingredients together and garnish with fresh cranberries and orange slices. Add club soda to thin the flavor texture, if necessary.

Read the full article “Holidays: My Bourbon Inheritance” by Peggy Noe Stevens in the Premiere issue of Bourbon+.

Peggy Noe Stevens
Official Contributor

A woman of many firsts, Peggy Noe Stevens is the world’s first female Master Bourbon Taster. A true Kentuckian, she spent 25+ years promoting and innovating America’s native spirit. She founded the first Bourbon Women’s Association, is an original creator of the iconic Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and has won industry awards for her innovations. Her true love is immersing herself in entertaining, tasting profiles, and culinary pairings. Known by many in the industry as "a lifestyle maven," Peggy has worked with celebrities like Julia Child and Bobby Flay, designing hundreds of high-profile events. On the pages of each issue, she’ll make entertaining approachable and easy to do in your own home. From Derby to down home, this tastemaker brings one of a kind expertise to Bourbon+.