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  • Finding Bourbon: Sipping Slowly

    If I had consumed the Woodford as a shot, would I have received demerits from the Bourbon gods? Would a fairy have died? I wasn’t taking any chances. I stood my ground in the name of good bourbon.

  • Finding Bourbon: Bourbonism is Real

    But that’s Louisville, right? I mean, Louisville’s mayor proclaimed Bourbonism as the city’s tourism staple as sort of the epicenter of bourbon. It’s Kentucky, for crying out loud. Tell anyone you’re from Kentucky and you’ll likely hear them say, “Oh, bourbon!”

  • Drink Mead

    Long before European monks made beer or American cowboys kicked back whiskey, ancient cultures harvested honey, mixed it with water, and let it sit for natural fermentation to create mead, one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages.