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  • Vodka versus Whiskey

    Did you know vodka didn’t have a US federal definition until the late 1950s? It’s true. And when the mostly Russian and Polish spirit started garnering minute amounts of acclaim, the whiskey distillers lobbied the government to create a definition that would surely defeat its popularity.

  • American Blends to Try

    Long before the bourbon craze, distillers gave private tours and used the words mingled or married to describe the process of blending barrels together. As was often the case, somebody in the audience asked why they used these strange words when the term blended fit so perfectly to describe the action of, you know, blending barrels. “Blending is a dirty word,” the distiller would say without much explanation.

  • When to Ice Your Whiskey

    When my friend ordered Pappy Van Winkle 23-year-old on the rocks, I cringed. I mean, how could he? Did he hate puppy dogs and kittens, too? As “on the rocks” left his lips, I seriously questioned my friendship with this guy.

  • Whiskey Destinations

    From New York to California, Minnesota to Mississippi, learn the drinking culture of disparate American regions, such as Bainbridge, Washington’s interesting bootlegging past, or the lost apple brandy heritage of New York. On your next excursion, take the time to visit one of these great distilleries and experience true American travel.

  • Blend Your Own Bourbon

    You look through the store, and all you see is stuff you wouldn’t normally touch. Some call the brands “value” and others call them “bottom shelf.” Either way, it sure isn’t Blanton’s, Pappy, or even Maker’s Mark. Welcome to Bourbon 2019.