Contributor Guidelines


Feature articles typically cover the following categories: science, whiskey, bourbon, and other spirits, destinations, engaging facts, interesting people involved in any facet of the bourbon world (coopers, distillers, tour guides, scientists, mixologists, etc.), venues (bars, distilleries, restaurants), and culinary. We look for well-told narratives that go beyond the obvious and explore the intimacy and depths of a story. Typical features range between 2,000 to 2,500 words in print—though we want you to tell the complete story, as you see fit.

Columns are written by our contributing writers. We are not currently accepting Column queries at this time, but if you’ve got a story that needs to be told then send us a note about why we should consider adding it to the magazine.

Bourbon+ uses the serial comma and adheres to the publishing style of Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. A Bourbon+ Style Sheet is available upon request from

The main reason queries are rejected is because the ideas fall outside our range of coverage. Please review a recent copy of Bourbon+ prior to submitting a query. Avoid grandstanding and be prepared to submit quality digital images to illustrate parts of your writing. Rights: Bourbon+ purchases First North American Serial Rights. Please do not submit work that has been published elsewhere. Rights will be reassigned upon request, and Bourbon+ reserves the right to republish stories and materials. Writers will be compensated for reprinted material. Payment: Payment is commensurate with experience. Rates will be negotiated with Bourbon+, and writers are compensated between 30 to 60 days following the invoice and article’s submission date.

Submission Mechanics: All submissions should be emailed to to the attention of the Editor.


Photography and illustrations are a critical element in each issue of Bourbon+. We’re looking for technically excellent images, but more specifically we’re mostly interested in the photographer/artists’ eye. Every image we have published has been captured by a someone who is understands the subtleties of this culture.

Submission Mechanics: All stylistic materials should be industry standard and should illustrate proper drinking responsibility, legal requirements for drinking age, attitude appropriate to the activity, and so on.

Please submit low-resolution artwork for review and then submit high-resolution digital images for print.  Images should be sent via file share (i.e. Dropbox) or transferred via any of the large transmission portals (i.e.,, etc). All artwork should include the names of models and upon acceptance. Bourbon+ assumes that the photographer has signed and completed photo/model releases.

Submission Mechanics: All submissions should be emailed to to the attention of the Art Director.