You are always welcome to call us at the editorial office at (866) 311-3792 or to call our Subscription Services office directly at (833) 256-1201.

How many times per year is Bourbon+ published?

Bourbon+ is a quarterly publication with four issues per year.

I’m moving and need to update the address in my account, how can I do that?

You can update your address by calling our editorial office at (866) 311-3792 or call our Subscription Services office directly at (833) 256-1201.

How can I purchase Bourbon+ magazine as a gift for a friend?

Our “Give a Gift” page will allow you to purchase the magazine and ship it to a separate address.

What is the Bourbon+ Subscription Refund Policy?

If at any time you are unhappy with your subscription, you can notify the publisher and receive a full refund for the prorated value of the issues remaining on your subscription order.

After I subscribe, when can I expect to receive the latest Bourbon+ issue?

Typically, magazines are mailed two-three weeks prior to their publication date. Please contact our editorial office at (866) 311-3792 for all your subscriber needs.

What stores carry Bourbon+ magazine?

Most Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million stores, as well as some Whole Foods and Kroger stores carry Bourbon+. You will also be able to find our magazine at distilleries across the country.

Missing issues?

Contact our editorial offices at (866) 311-3792.


Where can I send a letter to the editor?

You may mail your letter to:
Letter to the Editor
6400 Hwy 63 South
Alexander City, AL 35010

Where can I submit a story or a photography idea?

Please feel free to email us submissions@bourbonplus.com.

How do I order back issues?

Back issues can be ordered through our shop on bourbonplus.com.


Where can I find more information about advertising opportunities?

Our advertising page on this Web site has contact information, our media kit, and more.

How do I contact advertising directly?

You may call (866) 311-3792.


For members of the press who are interested in getting more information about Bourbon+, please contact:
(866) 311-3792